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Free calendar for iCal, iPhone and GoogleCalendar March 3, 2010

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2008 Morse Park Triathlon

I found this website on Facebook, it looks pretty cheap but it has some great stuff.

You can login with your Facebook or Twitter account and get updates into your calendar for free! which mean that you’ll get a link to the online calendar, your calendar in your machine will connect to it and every time the calendar will be update, your calendar in your computer will be update too (as long as you will be connected to the internet ).

You can use it also as a “static” calendar without connecting to the internet. the great thing is if want to follow sport updates like Athletics , Triathlons and you’re also an athlete, you can insert use your calendar as a smart training log calendar. it lets you enjoy updates and goals to the next years and plan your competitions and training side by side with Theredcal calendar.

The calendars available there for now are European Athletics, World Athletics, European Triathlon, World Triathlon (and few more that I don’t remember…:)). maybe the website is new because there are only 5 users that I can see in the homepage – but maybe it shoes only the latest users.
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